The Importance of Practicing in Daily Life

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Buddha is a person with the perfection of enlightened practice. After his enlightenment, Sakyamuni went through wind and rain, begging for alms for 49 years. If there was no such a 49-year mendicancy, Sakyamuni was only a Arhat (Chinese: 自了汉). Maybe there would be no his gigantic Buddhist career in future. The fundamental point of difference between Mahayana and Hinayana is whether focusing on practice in daily life. Mahayana Buddhism practiced in daily life at the outset. It entered the way from that “do all that is good, refrain from all that is evil” and fundamental practice is solid. Once enlightening, people will not transit, not like some practionors who have sit in meditation over years, gaining a little meditation. But when he came out from siting in meditation, back to daily life, his old habits were still full of the whole body. So I feel, especially in the age abundant in goods and complicated in hearts, Buddhists start practice meditation in daily life, which is reliable or safe, gaining achievements easily. From view point of daily moral principles, people reflect on their on, restrain themselves and ensure practicing one day and then getting one-day progress. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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