Practice in Daily Life

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In the past, we advocated more traditional dharma gates covering sitting in meditation, Canhuatou, Buddhist activities and others in the process of practice to verify emptiness and get rid of grasp. But based on years of my practice experiences, I feel that study verification in daily life are also are very solid method, especially for people with a strong heart being appropriate and effective very much. In the Buddhist Sutra it states that all beneficences are Buddhist activities. Advocating practice in daily life has a greater benefit which could cultivate an air that Buddhists go into society actively. They hate and get away from mundane life, but don’t abandon human life and can engage with all sentient beings. In fact, this is not only our ancient tradition of Chan Buddhism, but also Buddhism’s great creation in the modern world. If man of practice were gone from daily life for a long time, or isolated from the general life, which would not only cause deviating from practice easily, but also make achievements of practice precarious. More seriously, that will cause decline of Buddhism. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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