Practicing Buddhism and Handling Things in the World

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We usually say “according with conditions” is no casual or no care, but our basic principles to get on in the world for Buddhists: inquire us to let it be or accord to social conditions getting our career in Buddhism. So we can also say according to conditions is really our paramita and embodiment of wisdom of Buddhism in the world. The masters practice Buddhism, for example, practice morality, meditation or wisdom. If people want to test how high his level in Buddhism practice is, don’t need see how many meditations he has practiced or hear weather he chants sutra deftly. Instead only watching how they deal with matters will know about it. If a Buddhist has achievements in practice Buddhism, then his wisdom must be developed in a way. So he must have some deep insights into the secular world and his capabilities of handling affairs must be improved much in the secular world. If one practices Buddhism in his lifetime but still confused while he couldn’t do nothing but keep on saying he would deliver people. Will not that be laughed at by people? (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)

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