Experiences of Chan Cultivation

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Many people, especially those have read Records of Lamp Transmission, are full of various imaginations. Even some of them with strange imaginations. People have various ultimate constituents and so have different methods of enlightenment as well. According to the Records of Lamp Transmission, some people gain sudden enlightenment abruptly and their spiritual outlook changes at a stroke; however, there are also some people continually gain enlightenment little by little and even don’t know they themselves have got it finally. The enlightenment matter can’t be gained directly, needing an opportunity and stable, profound consumption in daily life. It would be unimaginable for enlightenment if there were not solid and deep practice experiences. Hear or mind and eyes can’t revolve around the enlightenment or that may cause mental disorder. The reason is he couldn’t ensure daily practice experiences at root. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)