The Text’s Impact on Practicing Buddhism

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Chan explained “mingxin jianxing” or understanding the mind and seeing the nature, and “dangxia chengfo” or immediately attaining Buddhahood. It is seemingly straightforward and efficient. In fact, it is a high cost that language as an effective education means is sacrificed. I always think that we have a big misunderstanding about “buli wenzi” or dismissing of the written language. “buli wenzi” means there is no way to express Buddha’s teachings by text, but that does not means to be unable to discover Buddha’s truth through text. The Sixth Patriarch’s sudden enlightenment is indeed a convenient dharma-gate to discover Buddha’s truth. Chan school also values thinking things through. It is also the ultimate way of practicing Buddhism: zhengjian (right view). (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)