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 On Thursday 6 June 2019 at the prestigious Palazzo Cusani (17th century building in Milan, today headquarter of the 3rd Italian Army Corps) the Shaolin Cultural Center in Milan has again had the pleasure of being a guest at the charity event organized by the Oxiamo Foundation Onlus to support the treatment of extracorporeal photopheresis in lung transplantation and biomolecular research in lung cancer.

Shifu ShiHengChan presented the therapeutic Shaolin Qi-gong to a large and important audience of oncology and transplant doctors from the Policlinico of Milan and the San Gerardo Hospital of Monza. Together with the instructors Andrea Lipani, Stefano Zambelan, Francesco Martines, Deborah Jahr and Raffaele De Finis, shifu ShiHengChan taught some Shaolin Yi-Zhi-Gong exercises and all those present actively participated with much interest. 

Also present at the event was Raul Cremona, a famous and much loved Italian comedian, illusionist and actor who, as a martial artist, greatly appreciated shifu ShiHengChan and Shaolin Culture after practicing Shaolin Qi-gong. We thank our student and President of Oxiamo Onlus Antonella Koening for the renewed invitation and for the esteem towards the Shaolin Arts and the work of shifu ShiHengChan. Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan believes that bringing the bio-energetic disciplines Shaolin into the therapeutic field and under the magnifying glass of Science is certainly one of the best ways to update and give prestige to the Shaolin Culture: for this reason and with this intent, shifu ShiHengChan and ShiHengDing will continue to do their best, along with their student instructors, to continue promoting Shaolin Culture even in hospitals and in particular in cancer wards, to give support, support and hope to patients and their families. Amituofo "