The Modern Value of Religion

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What is Buddhism’s the most valuable manifestation in modern society on earth? I think: living life, people should have faiths believing that life can be promoted and world can be improved. This is very important and also fundamental. This is just that we Buddhists always say “purifying the world and life”. motivation, vow and practice are reflected in Buddhists’ mind and behavior. If a person lives in the world losing faith, this is a terrible thing. He or she believes in nothing, having no respect and no fear. In Buddhist terms, that is falling into the Three Evil Paths. So in fact, we can say that faith is essence of life. When a person has faith, he could have respect, fear and a binding everyday life, which is reflected in the enlightenment of religious faith. All religious rites and regulations are implemented in “self-discipline” stably. It is also reflected in Buddhists’ vows and receiving precepts. To human civilization, religion initially reflects its morality and maintaining social order and stability. This is also one of the important reasons that religion lives on over thousands of years. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)