The 6th Greek Shaolin Culture Festival

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The 6th Greek Shaolin Culture Festival & 3nd E.PO.KE.S. Friends Festival were successfully completed in Nafplion, on Sunday, February 10, 2019, at the Municipal Sports Centre of Nafplion, where all the spectators had the opportunity to enjoy and get to know the Shaolin culture, and other Traditional Martial Arts.

More than 300 participants from 20 leading schools in Greece participated in the festival, which was organised by Sifu Dimitris Papavasileiou of Martial Arts Athletic Club N. Greece, with the cooperation and support of the Municipality of Nafplion, the Municipal Organization of Sports, Culture, Tourism and Environment (DOPPAT) of Nafplion and under the auspices of the Greek Shaolin Cultural Center.






Before the Festival began the Vice-Regional Governor of Pelloponisos Mr. Stefanopoulos Fanis thanked Master Yanzhuo for bringing Shaolin Kungfu and profound Shaolin culture to Greece and encouraged participants to make still further progress. He also said that if Shaolin culture could be more widely spread around in the future, the spirit of Shaolin would bring a more peaceful, harmonious society to all.





Then the Executive director of Greek Shaolin Temple Cultural Center Master Yanzhuo expressed his heartfelt gratitude for guests’ attendance, volunteers’ support and students’ joining in the welcome speech. The event demonstrated the true meaning of Shaolin spirit that 34 Generations of Shaolin disciples protect and transmit with love and devotion.



“I am very grateful to the Municipality of Nafplion, DOPPAT, my good friend Master Papavassileiou Dimitris, friend Masters, the parents and to the excellent participants who help every year in the realization of the Shaolin Culture Festival, which promotes the Spirit, the Friendship and the Sportsmanship in the Martial Arts. I wish next year to meet again and offer yet another unique experience to everyone.”

Master Yanzhuo also expressed his gratitude to Shaolin's Abbot Master Si Yong Xin for his continuous efforts the last 20 years to spread true Shaolin Culture and Spirit throughout the world by building strong foundations to many cities around the globe.