Getting Familiar with the Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts

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A unique experience lived by the students of the official Greek shaolin cultural center on Sunday 9 December 2018. In the framework of the action "Getting familiar with the traditional Shaolin martial arts", Greek shaolin cultural center host the 2nd Shaolin Kung Fu Seminar of the Old School on Shaolin 4th Road of the Leading Fist [少林四路领路功法].

Under the leadership of the head Master Shi Yanzhuo, who is one of the few remaining scholars of this ancient Shaolin style, a line of 30 teachers and advanced students were taught and practiced this rare art of the Shaolin temple in its original form.

Master Yanzhuo delivered a keynote speech about Shaolin Temple's history, which attracted guests’ attention stated that Shaolin Kungfu has a history of 1500 years and has still preserved many excellent Kungfu styles with historical accumulation, which is also the fundamental of the Shaolin Temple. The wellknown Shaolin master had the opportunity to speak about the abbot of the Shaolin Temple the Great Monk Yongxin and his efforts on spreading Shaolin Culture, Arts and Spirit worldwide. He talked about that Shaolin culture contributes to mankind in world’s medical treatment, health, martial arts, etc. while receiving recognition and good graces by mainstream society around the world. 

According to Shaolin Wugong Daquan [少林武功大全] Shaolin Leading Fist had its roots on Xueting Fuyu [雪庭福裕 | 1203–1275] Abbot of the Shaolin Temple and it was the 2nd road [第二路] of the Ten Roads of the Shaolin Fist [十路嵩山少林拳]. This style is also known as "Opening the Mountain" 开山拳and in the past considered as the Shaolin Primary Style [原始少林拳的风貌], it is small but very strong [短小精悍], very fast [快速] and dynamic [有力].

Article and photos by Lay Shaolin Disciple Shi Yan Jia