Were there any more assemblies besides the first one?

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Yes. At that time, besides the five hundred bhikkhus who gathered at Saptaparna Cave, there were a number of bhikkhus who did not join the Mahakassapa group. Some bhikkhus, headed by Vappa (one of the first five Bhikkhus), assembled at another place not far from the Cave. So the Rajagaha Samgiti is composed of two parts, one compiled inside the cave and the other outside the cave, the two complitations together forming the Hinayana Tripitaka was compiled at Cakkavala-pabbata by Bodhisattas including Manjusri, Mahayana and Ananda. Hinayana Buddhists, however, deny that the Mahayana scriptures are authentic Dhamma imparted by the Buddha. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)