Shaolin Summer Academy & Exhibition

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"July 2018 was a very busy month for the Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan. Waiting for the Shaolin Summer residential Campus at the Branch in Piedmont during the month of August, from 1 to 12 July at the Headquarters in Milan of the Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan - Shaolin Quan Fa Milan was held the SHAOLIN SUMMER ACADEMY 2018 with the special summer classes of Shaolin Gong fu,Ying Qi-gong, Tong-zi-gong, San-shou, Taijiquan and Chan Meditation. Thanks to all participants for their great commitment, interest and determination shown! 

Furthermore, on Saturday 7 July 2018, at the invitation of Aurora Floral by Jessica Oldani, the Shaolin Cultural Center of Milan animated the annual "white night" in Magenta City - for the occasion with the "MAGENTA RED NIGHT" event - with a SHAOLIN EXHIBITION led by Shifu Shi HengChan. Some advanced students and instructors presented Shaolin internal and external disciplines, exhibiting increasingly complex forms and using some of the 18 Shaolin weapons (such as staff, saber, spear), group forms and fights, TongZiGong. Shifu ShiHengChan exhibited Shaolin Gongfu form with double chains and a Shaolin Rou-Quan. The Mayor, the Assessors, Police and Fire Fighters of Magenta City greatly appreciated this martial exhibition which was also an occasion of great spirituality thanks to the Chan Buddhism that underlies the Shaolin Gong-fu.

With the advice to continue training during the rest of summer in order to consolidate to the best all what learned during the Academic Year 2017-2018, Shifu Shi Hengchan and Shi Hengding wish all a peaceful and constructive Summer 2018, always with heart, mind and spirit turned to the Good, on the Way of Dharma. Amituofo"