I Am Afraid I don’t. In Which Part of India Was It Located?

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About 3,500-4,000 years ago, with gradual migration from central Asia into the Indus Valley, the Aryans conquered the original Inhabitants and settled there. They assimilated the aboriginal civilization and founded a number of states. For a long time afterward, this area was a political and cultural center of Brahmin civilization and of the Aryan people. Thus this region was called the Middle Kingdom. As to the vast area of the eastern and southern Ganges Valley, there were called uncivilized “frontier” areas. However, by the time of Sakyamuni, a tremendous change has taken place. The states in the original Madhya Desa began to decline, while those in the south-eastern frontier began to prosper. Among them was Magadha, the newly emerging dominant state where Sakyamuni resided for the longest time and taught most extensively. The center of civilization by this time had shifted to the new cities: Rajagaha in Magadha, Savatthi in Kosala and Vesali in Vajji, among them Rajagaha being particularly important. (From Essentials of Buddhism)