An Abundance of Talent and a Forest of Talents

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The following parable illustrates the strength of the sangha. There stands a large tree on an open field, but no matter how tall and how sturdy and thick its trunk, the power of a single tree can hardly withstand far stronger winds. Shaolin Temple resembles this forest albeit it is not yet very big or very substantial. Because the sangha is united and jointly dedicated to the continuation and development of the Shaolin lineage, Shaolin Temple is strong and can withstand the changing currents of time.

This is the reason I encourage the monks to engage in intensive study of what they are good at, and to which they should devote their effort. It could be kungfu, meditation, tea ritual, sculpturing, painting, calligraphy, medicine, or other disciplines because realization may well be achieved if one reaches the pinnacle of even one of the afore mentioned discipline. Of course, you could also develop other interests and hobbies if you have spare time. Each person has his specialty and contributes to the collective whole of which forms the complete Shaolin cultural heritage. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)