Shaolin Temple is a Big Family

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One sentence will sum it up: Shaolin Temple is a big family, and my current role is the “patriarch” of this big family.


As a 1500-year-old hereditary monastery, Shaolin Temple has the unity and cohesiveness of a big family, and this obvious in the way we accord respect to our founders, our lineage masters. On every New Year’s Eve, we at Shaolin Temple solemnly invoke the book of genealogy at the Abbot Hall, and the abbot will lead the entire monastery to offer respect to all the lineage masters by way of prostration and then read out their achievements and merits as way to edify the disciples. The junior monks will then offer their respect to the elders by bidding farewell to the outgoing year and offering New Year wishes. During the Qing Ming Festival and on lunar New Year’s Day, the abbot will lead the entire monastery to pay respects to our lineage masters through prayers and offering ceremony at the Pagoda Forest, after which each branch monk will offer respect to their respective lineage masters. This is similar to the folk custom of paying respect to family and clan ancestors through prayer and offering ceremonies. (From Shaokin Temple in My Heart)