To Survive

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For a temple, especially one situated in the economically underdeveloped parts of China’s Central Plains where Buddhist followers are scarce and the monastic order is limited, the monks are not self-sustainable and they depend on the government, patrons, and performing ceremonies to survive. Thus, how can they talk about development? A monk who talks everyday about liberating sentient beings but does not interact with them will be hard pressed to bring of his compassion and loving kindness.

Shaolin Temple is located on the culturally renowned mountain of Songshan, and has received attention because of this. But what must be noted is that Buddhist temples that are located in the mountains and those that are located in developed cities have completely different modes of living and development. Because of where we are located, we must successfully develop Shaolin Temple in order to survive. This is a mindest that gradually formed over the last twenty to thirty years of development.

We launch forth with the faith of a Buddhist, with the desire to survive and develop, with the need to serve our followers and those who love Buddhist culture. There are many different ways in which we can serve them such as reciting prayers, performing Buddhist ceremonies, setting up a Shaolin pharmacy, opening a publication, and making films that revolve around the theme of Shaolin Temple. (From ShaolinTemple in My Heart)