Define the Appropriate Model of Existence Conductive to the Development of Buddhism

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When I first arrived at Shaolin Temple, there were less than 30 people. The entire day was spent on worrying about the meals of that day and it was very tough. After becoming abbot, I did not dare to forget my master’s wishes to renovate the temple, store food provisions and revive the Dharma endeavors of Chan Buddhism. For everything that I did, I had to consider how to realize the noble ambitions of our ancient founders.

The great path is vast and without limit; those who tread this path will prosper but those who go against this path will surely fail. To ensure the next 1500 years of Shaolin Temple, I have to look and walk forward. However, many people either misunderstood or could not comprehend what we were doing, perhaps because Shaolin Temple is moving too fast in relation to the other temples.

Since the reform and opening up of modern China and following the implementation of policies on religion, the temples were gradually revived. As we receive the temples, however, we must first become self-sustaining and figure out ways to support ourselves. As the head of Shaolin Temple, I cannot help but start with the intrinsic advantages of Shaolin Temple and leverage it as being the ancestral monastery of Chan Buddhism. Within the context of China’s modernization and reform, I must define the appropriate model of existence conductive to the development of Buddhism. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)