A Showcase for Chan Traditional Culture and Shaolin Life Style

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Afterward, I came up with an idea: since Shaolin Kungfu is different from traditional Buddhist activities and demonstrates the monastics’ real life, why not integrate Shaolin Kungfu performance with the modern audio and visual equipments and launch a grand real scene performance; the integration between culture and tourism would not only promote local tourism attraction, but also relieve the pressure of tourism’s over-exploitation.

When I told my idea to the party Secretary of Zhengzhou City, he was very supportive and actively propelled it forward. So with the government support, we then found businessmen to invest and formed a group of artists to initiate a music ritual show. For the past three years, the show has received wide recognition and drew a lot attention. Now tourist to Shaolin Temple would usually stay one night to appreciate this representative work of Chan culture – “Shaolin Chan Music Ritual” staged at the foot of Mount Songshan.

As a result, a stage show came into being through the integration of the government policy, Shaolin culture and artists’ inspiration. In appearance this is a modern real scene show while in the deepest sense, it is a showcase for Chan traditional culture and Shaolin life style. The show has dramatically improved the level and quality of artistic works that feature the Shaolin Temple’s life, just as I have expected. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)