“Products of Modernization”

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Utilizing the internet, the monks can easily study Buddhist scriptures, seek clarifications and offer answers and exchange ideas all via the computer. In the past, there were always difficulties in preserving books in the zang jing ge (Shaolin Scripture Hall) or doing research on Buddhist terminologies. These days, it is very easy to find them on the internet, and this is definitely very convenient towards learning and practicing dharma.

We view these “products of modernization” merely as a kind of tool, a sort of convenience. Most of the young monks at Shaolin Temple do surf the net and has a cellphone. We started using the earliest batch of analog handphones in Henan Province as early as the early 1990’s. We also adopted the internet early on and launched our website in 1996.

Besides electronic products, we also consider some forms of transportation as a convenience towards our mission to promote and propagate religion and traditional culture. Trains and airplanes are means of transportation that save lots of time and allow us the opportunity to quiet down and contemplate on many issues. This is a very good thing.

In addition, Shaolin monks had started to study foreign languages very early on. With English being our primary foreign language, we also study Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Russian, etc. Buddhism is an international religion and we could understand overseas development of Buddhism, living condition of the monks, their level of studies and have a dialog with them only if we have a good command of foreign languages. A monk of the Mahayana Buddhist faith must also be and outstanding participant in society. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)