Engaging Dharma Practice in Our Life Is a very Dependable Method

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We rely on strict precepts and strong faith to balance the external interferences on the monastic way of life. At the same time, we apply advance awareness and an active mindset in our assimilation with richly exciting outside world. The two approaches seem contradictory but they are not.

Based on my experience from thirty odd years of dharma practice, engaging dharma practice in our daily life is a very dependable method and especially effective for and suited to those who have strong faith in the pursuit of the path. In the Buddhist sutra, it is said that any work that benefit beings is Buddha’s work. There is an even greater benefit that comes from the promotion of dharma practice in daily life: cultivate a more prevalent involvement in the secular world amongst Buddhist practitioners. Despite being weary of and detached from secular living, Buddhist practitioners should not run away from secular life and should instead be engaging towards everyday life and integrate with all sentient beings. In fact, this is at once the ancient tradition of Chan Buddhism that also coincides with the great modern day initiative of integrating Buddhism into our world. If a practitioner removes himself from or is out of touch with daily life, not only is it easy to steer one’s practice on to the wrong track and makes it difficult to solidify achievement from the practice, even worse, this would result in the diminishment of Buddhism in the world. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)