Shaolin Temple’s Monastic Rules in Detail

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Upon joining the monastery, there is the “Three Refuges and Five Precepts”, and the sramanera have to observe the “Ten Precepts”. For monks such as myself who have taken the upasampada ordination, we have to observe two hundred and fifty precepts, which do impose a lot of restrictions. The monastery also has quite a number of monastic rules and each branch has their own respective monastic rules, and the Teaching Hall, Meditation Hall, Dining Hall, Grand Hall and the Abbot Hall all have their own respective stipulations, which are very strict.

The reason that the monks voluntarily accept such large number of precept is that we the monastics abide by our faith. If one day we lose our faith, even if we enter the monastic order, we will still have many vexations. The fact about monastic life is that it is not as leisurely or as carefree or as poetic or as charming as some people may think. Those in the monastic order also have to face many real problems, and they could easily fall into a new round of vexations if their faith is not strong. Contrarily, if their faith is strong, all problems will be easily resolved. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)