It is truly a Test on Buddhism’s Existence in the World

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It is a truly a test on Buddhism’s existence in the world as our society treads through an era of major transformation. If modernization is a current, a wave, then Buddhism is a boat. We have to face the current, have a firm grip on direction, and have a very clear idea of what we should and should not do. Only in this way would we be able to stay afloat of the current, rise with the tide and not be washed away like fishes. The way Buddhism is involved in the secular or mundane world and in the supra-mundane or transcendental should emulate the boat, half immersed in water and the other half above water. We must remain sufficiently clear-headed regarding the cardinal relationship of both.

In the information age, Buddhism has a role to transform society. Although the academic knowledge of Buddhism brings secular advantage to people, the ultimate goal of Buddhism is beyond the confines of knowledge. The day of “knowledgization” of Buddhism would be the day of its extinction. Buddhist sects that have over-emphasized literal explanations have expressed regrets, including the Chan sect at certain times. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)