The Relationship between Buddhism and Modernization

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Our world is impermanent and our society is constantly changing and undergoing modernization. There are small changes during normal periods and big changes during unusual periods. The continual existence of Buddhism in our world points to the relationship between Buddhism and modernization – an age-old issue which laso is forever a new issue. As our society is changing, we ought to examine the history of social changes to find answers to where the next transformation will occur. For the same reason, the answers to the questions of how Buddhism will adapt to the modernization of our society as it undergoes major transformation must be taken from the history of Buddhism. Such an analysis offers insights in addressing the issue of the relationship between Buddhism and modernization.

The term “modernization” denotes the major transformation that our society is undergoing. According to the opinions of scholars, I have summed up three points that constitute this modernization: first, the commercialization of our society as a result of reform; second, the creation of an “information society” as a result of developments in education; third, the open door policies and global integration brought about by advancements in transportation and communication. I believe the “modernization” that the scholars talk about refer largely to the situation in the major cities of our county. I think the contents of “modernization” should also include the actual circumstances in the vast majority of rural areas of our country. Our country is a major agricultural population accounts for most of the country’s population. The subject of “modernization” should reflect the overall fundamental conditions of our country’s social life, including our society’s developmental trend on the one hand, and the actual main body of our society on the other. This approach enables us to be more comprehensive when we discuss the relationship between Buddhism and modernization. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)