The Establishing of the Three Precious Jewels

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The relationship between Buddhism and the modern world is undergoing major transformation. How the teachings of Buddhism are able to coexist in our modern world can further the development of dharma activities.

According to the major tenets of Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhism and Dharma-paryaya (or Dharma-gate) were set out to benefit sentient beings. Dharma work revolves around sentient beings and is measured by the degree that Buddhism is able to satisfy the needs of sentient beings’ minds. I must state clearly that this is the fundamental essence for Buddhism’s continual existence in our world, and the starting point of our Dharma work. Buddhism’s existence in our world is, first and foremost, the result of Shakyamuni Buddha, who possessed great compassion, great loving kindness, great knowledge and great wisdom, realized the ultimate truth of universal existence, which then led to the widespread proclamation of Dharma to the world, and the establishment of skillful means to ferry sentient being to the shore of enlightenment. Following that Buddhism and the organization of sangha were established. These are the three precious jewels that we often refer to: the precious Buddha, the precious Dharma, and the precious Shangha. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)