The Launching of Chan Debate

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Properly speaking, this is an innovation to the tradition. Debate activities have been held in history. But in the modern time, some new developments in the activity are being initiated by inviting scholars and experts in the various disciplines of the society and selecting some of the most talented candidates. It is our hope that it could attract wider participation of intellects that have great interest in researches of Buddhist culture. We also start an online application. At the end of the application process, the judges will select twenty-four candidates to participate in the Chan debate at Shaolin Temple and the winners will be presented with awards. During the activity period, the candidates’ expenses of accommodation, transportation and food are converted by Shaolin Temple. The purpose is to provide a platform for more people to experience the joy of Chan, awaken wisdom, light the lamp of soul and realize the mind of Buddha. Meanwhile it is a way to nurture monastic talents. In the proceedings of Chan debate, the candidates should be very familiar with Buddhist scriptures and elaborate on their understandings and interpretations to the doctrines. The monastics used to recite volumes of Buddhist scriptures and get through the examination before they could receive the ordination ceremony. In present time this tradition has been seldom carried out. The launching of Chan debate is also expected to stimulate the multitude’s interest in scripture recital. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)