Chan Begets Wisdom

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One of my disciples called Yanyong participated in the Chan debate last year. He entered the monkhood several years ago. Since then he has been studying outside and went into retreat at Zhongnan Mountain for a very long time. He heared Shaolin Temple was to hold a Chan debate activity, so he came to me and said he wanted to participate. At first, I was a little worried if he could outdo the other candidates, because he had never studied at a Buddhist academy and most candidates are talented monastics from the Buddhist Academy of China and other Buddhist academies around the country. He said confidently there was no problem. So I made an exception and let him participate. It turned out he received the recognitions from the judges and the audience for his quick wits and insightful words and won the first place. Candidates from Buddhist academies also gave him high remarks. That is why we say Chan begets wisdom and this is truth. Apart from intellectual knowledge, the practical experience is indispensible to make real progress. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)