Chan Inquires Activities with Characteristics of Shaolin Temple

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In order to propagate the culture of Chan sect, Shaolin Temple shall not just rely on the spread of Shaolin Kungfu, but also promote itself by means of Chan inquires.

In accordance with the Buddhist tradition, the summer retreat takes place from April 15 to July 15, when monastics are focused on preaching dharma and expounding sutras, thus it has developed into a Buddhist custom of dharma preaching in summer and Chan meditation practice in winter. In present day, there are many activities such as Buddhism summer camps, dharma lectures and temporary monastic retreat and meditation experience camps, which have exerted much influence on the various circles of the society, especially on the younger generation. These activities provide a platform for interactions between the multitude and Buddhism, which could facilitate the dharma propagation and benefit the sentient beings. Shaolin Temple should also conduct some activities of its own characteristics to interact with the outside world and let the outside world step into Shaolin Temple and Buddhism. We hold a series of Chan inquiry activities that feature Chan inquires and consist of Chan debate, calligraphy, photo exhibition, experts’ lecture, pilgrimage and prayer assembly and so forth. These activities could promote the doctrines of Buddhism and meantime represent the characteristics of Shaolin Temple. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)