The Role Shaolin Monastery Plays Among Different Nations

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In the last two decades Shaolin Monastery has been all along alert enough to jump most opportunely at the very benign chances to perform very notable deeds which had significant bearing upon the Central Government's endeavors to amplify the political centripetal dynamic among all the ethnic entities in China and to raise the national confidence of all Chinese people. Moreover Shaolin Monastery has been in the last two decades playing a unique role in fulfilling such tasks as enhancing harmony among different parts of the Chinese people so as to ensure social stability, widening the scope of exchange between different cultures around the globe, promoting friendship and mutual understanding between different nations and different regions across the world, and intensifying the feeling of cultural affinity among overseas Chinese living in different parts of the world.

The system of traditional Chinese martial arts practiced by the Shaolin monastic population should be better integrated with the doctrine of the Chan Order; otherwise the monastery would not be able to play its unique role in the great struggle in China for national rejuvenation. It is imperative for the Shaolin monastic population to realize that Shaolin culture belongs not only to China but to the whole human race and to the future human race. (From My Heart My Buddha)