How to Maintain the Development of Priesthood

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Priesthood is pivotal, in the context of organizing religious activities, for a religion, because members of priesthood can be very influential with followers of a religion. Training priesthood to be such that its members are not only influential with the masses but fully trusted by the Government is tantamount to constructing a barrier to check any effort at perpetrating infiltration under the guise of preaching the gospel. The training of priesthood needs to adopt multiple training programs and take varied training patterns. The purpose of the training is improving priesthood’s political caliber, broadening its scope of scriptural knowledge, and hiking up its educational level. It is important to multiply the aid given to various religious schools and research institutions and to incessantly increase the financial support accorded them. In this regard, the tasks of cardinal importance include 

<1> the improvement and normalization of course (or subject) arrangements, 
<2> the compilation of textbooks, and 

<3> the hiking up of professional level of the teaching staff of every religious school. 

On the other hand, efforts have to be made to normalize the administration of all the religious schools and research institutions, so that their teaching quality and research efficiency can be bettered. Not only the state-funded religious educational institutions but also local religious educational institutions which are funded by local governments need to strive for an incessant overall improvement from now on. It should be our long-term goal that by dint of securing an incessant and overall improvement to all religious educational institutions across China, they can be turned into an excellent training base for molding such priesthood as is characterized by ardent patriotic verve and deep allegiance to religious faith. The priesthood in China should have been provided with such social welfare benefits as medical insurance money, housing fund, retirement pension. 

At the present stage none of such social benefits is available to any of the priesthoods in China. This problem should merit the attention of and be jointly solved by the Communist Party organizations on all levels and local governments on all levels. The pattern of administration to be exercised over the priesthood should be in line with the general pattern of administration now prevalent in our country. In a word, the priesthood in our country should be adequately provided with social-welfare benefits, because it is sheer injustice to rob it of the benefits, and such injustice would shatter the morale of the priesthood in the long run. (From My Heart My Buddha)