How to Perceive Traditional Chinese Culture and Chinese Buddhism

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It is of cardinal importance to instill national confidence into all Chinese citizens. This is especially important in the contemporary surge of blossoming interflow between Chinese culture and cultures of other nations. It is completely wrong for a Chinese citizen to look down upon traditional Chinese culture or to dismiss Chinese Buddhism or Taoism as a superstitious undertaking. Religions vary in worshipping ritual. If implementation of the government policy of regulating both religious constructions and erections of religious statue proceeds perfunctorily and peremptorily, that would leave such religions as originated in China appreciably handicapped in their competition for better publicity in present-day China with such religions in China as originated in the Western World. To put the former under an appreciable disadvantage in the contention for more conspicuous publicity is unfair to them. It is obligatory for the leaders of a religion in China to educate all the followers of his religion. (From My Heart My Buddha