Buddhism and Atheism

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I am of the opinion that atheism bespeaks a sublime ideological level and embodies supreme sagacity. Atheism is neither a faith nor a belief and should be recognized as an outlook. When an individual is willing to accept atheism or just imagines that he is already an atheist, that does not mean that he has already attained the sublime ideological level of a confirmed atheist. However I am of the opinion that the Chan axiom that "to seek enlightenment means to reclaim supramundane qualities, which are inherent in one’s psyche, by purging all the moral impurities" epitomizes atheism. It goes without saying that Marxist atheism represents a sublime ideological level. Although Marxist atheism was spawned by the philosophy formulated by Western philosophers who were ideologically grounded in Western culture, yet Marxist atheism stands as a peak in the mountain range of Western culture. But Chinese culture is diametrically different from Western culture. Take the people of the Han nationality in China as an example. Although most Han people embrace no religion, yet they are no atheists, because they are more often than not obsessed by superstition. And almost none of them is interested in atheism. (From My Heart My Buddha)