To Cultivate a Scientific Knowledge of Religion

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To enact a new and more appropriate state law on religion presupposes, I believe, a thorough and scientific investigation of all the religions in China. Here I use the adjective "scientific" which, as a qualifying word, some people may think rather out of context on things that are associated with religion. However being scientific in doing an investigation is actually being matter-of-fact in carrying out an investigation. Matter-of-factly speaking, science dwells in religions, too. And honestly speaking, trace of religion-based superstition lurks in sciences in the form of blind faith in authority. At the present stage, the understanding and appraisal on the part of the general public of the performance of a religion is usually confined to its external aspects or its outward manifestations and fails to fathom its ideological depth. Or rather the understanding and appraisal on the part of the general public of a religion is based on the political, economic, and social effects of the collective behavior of the body of followers of a religion. Little attempt has ever been made to probe for the cultural and philosophic kernel of a religion or to uncover its values. Consequently religions in China have been left only partly known to or just biasedly apprehended by our legislature. In such circumstances no perfect legislation with respect to religions in China is possible. (From My Heart My Buddha)