How to Protect and Develop Buddhism in China?

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It is now the right time, so I believe, we, Buddhists, must really exert to acquire the knowledge of how to use the state laws and regulations for the purpose of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Buddhism in China. Otherwise the sacred cause of Buddhism in China might incur substantial losses. Instances of stunningly flagrant infringements upon the rights and interests of Buddhism as a legal religion were not infrequent in recent years, not to say such monstrosities as openly slinging mud at Buddhism, malignantly undermining the cause of Buddhism. By them, I admit I was shocked. To face up to such a situation, we, Buddhists, need to acquire adequate knowledge of the state laws and regulations and wield them to protect ourselves, to prevent suchlike occurrences, and to seek compensations that are due to us. As the name of our monastery—Shaolin Buddhist Monastery—is markedly resounding, some mean profiteers have been contemplating usurping the name of Shaolin for using it as the brand of some of the products manufactured by them. Here I would like to mention but one of such instances: Three years ago, a meat packing plant in Henan had the gall to adopt Shaolin as the brand of a kind of ham sausage produced by it and, moreover, to make a fanfare of the brand Shaolin in its nationwide commercials. This was a blatant and flagrant affront to fly in the face of Buddhist doctrines and to insult all Buddhists. My monastery was forced to take the plant to court, and the plant lost the lawsuit. Not only Buddhist circles in China but the whole Chinese nation reacted strongly to the lawsuit when it was in progress. (From My Heart My Buddha)