Differences Between Buddhist Votaries and Laity

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In terms of lifetime goal, way of cogitation, and behavioral pattern, the distinction is apparent between an individual who is firm in adhering to his or her faith and an individual who isn't. The two types of individuals are irrevocably separated by a gap. For example, the community of Buddhist votaries tends to view the religious fervor displayed by Buddhist circles in their adherence to the Buddhist faith, their lifetime goal, their way of cogitation, and their behavioral pattern as completely normal and nothing out of the ordinary. But a portion of the laity tends to view the said religious fervor as inconceivable or even inacceptable. Still I am of the opinion that so long as either side would show due respect for the other and sincerely try to improve mutual understanding, the barrier between the two sides would unfailingly vanish in the long run. (From My Heart My Buddha)