What Does Success Mean in Buddhism?

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As a rule, accomplishment of a worthwhile deed needs to last a long period of time. Sometimes to secure a stupendous success can even consume an individual's whole life. The mass media have been carrying detailed reports on my activities and reckoned them as my successes. But the mass media have gone wrong in asserting those activities as my successes. In engaging in such activities as have been reported by the mass media, my only aim was, is, and will be

to make Buddhism thrive and survive in prosperity,
to promote the endeavors of my monastery's sangha to carry on self-cultivation, and
to inculcate the laity with Buddhism.

In a word all my activities in recent years were nothing but executing some upaya-kausalya (excellent methods for converting sentient beings) in compliance with the Buddha's teaching. In my opinion, my activities, if they can be deemed as more or less successful, may be rated

as some progress in my endeavor to fulfill my self-cultivation program,
as a limited fulfillment of my liberation, and
as a stinted growth of my personality in the direction of perfection.(From My Heart My Buddha)