The Buddhist Chan Order & Shaolin Gong-fu

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The tenets of the Buddhist Chan Order stress that self-cultivation pursued by a practitioner needs to be carried on in the course and environment of his everyday life, rather than in isolation from the milieu of his everyday life. While training himself in Shaolin gong-fu, he must not for a moment forget that he is a Chan practitioner and that he is availing himself of the martial-art training as a means to further carry on his self-cultivation program. In this way his martial-art training would be conducive to his gaining numerous minor awakenings before he arrives at his ultimate awakening and would help inculcate in him firm willpower, bravery, and sagacity. The tenets of Chan can instill philosophic serenity in a martial-art practitioner. In Shaolin Monastery, every martial-art training session attended by its monkhood is invariably in a milieu permeated with the verve arising from the monkhood’s awareness of prajna and sunyata inspired by the Chan doctrine. That Shaolin gong-fu can inspire an intensity of morale impossible for any other martial-art school in China to approach is precisely due to its practitioners’ awareness of prajna and sunyata inspired by the Chan doctrine. Such an awareness which is peculiar to Chan votaries is conducive to subliming a practitioner’s outlook.(From My Heart My Buddha)