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Shaolin Yilutongbi Boxing: Form 36

Form 36
Having placed his left palm, which now faces upward, before his chest and aligned his right instep with his right shin by bending his right foot downward, he springs his right foot upward in a forward kick, stretches his right palm forward for opportunely slapping the instep of his right loot that is kicking, and instantly retracts his right palm to his chest. After that, he lets his right foot land a step ahead of his left foot, bends his right knee, and stretches his left leg with his left foot being propped against the ground. Then he shifts the weight of his torso mainly onto his right leg. While shifting the weight of his torso, he thrusts his right palm levelly forward once more and moves his left palm, now facing upward, to snuggle up to his waist. Presently he gazes at his right palm, (fig. 36)

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