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Shaolin Yilutongbi Boxing: Form 37

Form 37
Having taken his right palm, which now facing upward, to his chest, aligned his left instep with his left shin by bending his left foot downward, and flung his left foot upward in a forward kick, he puts out his left palm opportunely to slap the instep of his left foot that is now kicking, takes his left palm to his chest, and lands his left foot a step ahead of his right foot. After that, he bends his left knee, stretches his right leg with his right foot being propped against the ground, and shifts the weight of his torso mainly onto his left leg. While shifting the weight of his torso, he thrusts his left palm forward once more and takes his right palm, now facing upward, to his waist. Presently he gazes at his left palm. (fig. 37-1, fig. 37-2)
Points claiming special attention from the practitioner are as follows: All the kicks the practitioner deals in doing this movement should be forceful enough. The sound of slapping the instep of a foot should be made clearly audible. The landing of a foot and the thrust of a palm should happen at the same time; either move should be carried out neatly and energetically.

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