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Meihua Boxing: Form 18

Form 18
While swinging his left leg rightward and upward, he launches himself off the ground by dint of an exertion of his right foot. And while being afloat in the air, he revolves his body rightward for 90°and, with his right leg being straightened, swings it successively leftward, upward, and rightward. Also, while being afloat in the air, he changes his fists into palms, which are directed to move successively rightward, downward, and leftward to describe an arc in the air, just for opportunely slapping his right instep with his moving palms. Now he rivets his gaze on his palms.(fig.18)
Two reminders are needed here: The practitioner should strive to launch himself as far off the ground as possible. The sound from the slapping of his right instep should be made audible enough.

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  1. Clapper Strikes
  2. Sitting Meditation in Quiet
  3. 21:00 Break