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Meihua Boxing: Form 19

He deliberately makes his left foot land first, turns right 90°, and having moved his left foot close to the arch of his right foor, rests his left foot on its tiptoes on the ground. Promptly he bends his knees to lower his torso and changes his palms into fists. Now, though the fists are swung rightward together, yet each of them perform its moves individually.
His right fist travels rightward, upward, and leftward until it comes to stop at a point above and to the left of his head, with its back facing downward.
His left fist reaches for the right side of his abdomen, with its back being turned to face outward. Now he looks to the left.(fig.19)
Doing this movement, the practitioner should pay attention to how to properly lower his torso at the very moment his knees are bent and how to achieve a reciprocal accommodation between the mves of the upper part of his body and those of the lower part of his body.


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